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Aktualności w galerii Libero Katowice - lista nadchodzących wydarzeń i premiery nowych kolekcji marek modowych

Art will fill the Square To Joy

Art will fill the Square To Joy

Artistic Cubes

On the newly opened square in front of Libero, artistic cubes were being assembled. It will be a unique installation art consisting of 8 wooden structures, designed in such a way that they can be used by people of all ages, including children. Soon, you will find different cubes in the Square to Joy – a musical cubic with special street instruments, a day bed cubic that is the best to rest, as well as a cube arranged for making a unique selfie.
The authors of the original cubic development are Izabela Bołoz that is a Polish-Dutch designer known for her artistic projects in urban spaces, as well as Maria Prokop that is an art advisor working at the leading Polish art consulting agency YAM.

With a folk element

In the CUBES, you will also find elements of folklore, thanks to Boboki, in Silesia called Beboki. Creatures, for generations were used by parents to scare less polite children, will be painted by the artistic group Primitive Design and related to the region – Irmina Ryszykowska, Łukasz Gawron and Jan Sętowski.

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