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Aktualności w galerii Libero Katowice - lista nadchodzących wydarzeń i premiery nowych kolekcji marek modowych

‘Niech Żyją Dziewczyny!’ for the first time in Katowice

‘Niech Żyją Dziewczyny!’ for the first time in Katowice

On 28th and 29th September, we invite you to the ultimate girlie weekend. Long live the Girls! is a unique fair event where several dozen of exhibitors present creative brands created by women and for women. At the stands you will have the opportunity to see and purchase independent fashion, modern design, natural cosmetics, ceramic and jewellery, as well as graphics by young artists.

Long live the Girls! is also a weekend packed with meetings. Areta Szpura, an instagrammer, pro-ecology activist, author of the book “How to save the world?” („Jak uratować świat?”) will tell you, how to live more consciously and environmentally friendly, and how to support the environment and the planet in small steps; Eliza Mórawska, author of the blog and of the bestselling cook-books will answer the question, how the food fashion has changed and what the consequences of the change are. Besides, there will be lectures in the form of a workshop on calendar planning and time management, conducted by Bożena Kowalkowska, a coach and editor, and Wiktoria Podolec, a co-creator of Tartaruga workroom, will tell you about fabrics and prudent reading of labels placed on clothes.

We also invite you to participate in the workshops. On Saturday and Sunday, for those who have signed up earlier, there will be design, cosmetics, bookbinding, and face yoga workshops.



11:00 – workshop. Minimalistic bunch with Folkisz, modern crepe paper arrangements
13:00 – meeting. How to have more time? tells Bożena KOWALKOWSKA
15:00 – workshop. Beautiful Face Yoga, conducted by Khrystyna STRUK
15:00 – meeting. How to save the world? suggestions by Areta SZPURA



11:00 – workshop. Bind your notebook, bookbinding with Papier Plus Druk
13:00 – meeting. What do we wear? What are our clothes made of? tells Wiktoria PODOLEC, the owner of the brand Tartaruga
14:00 – workshop. Not all cosmetics are alike, co-organized by Zmysły&Co.
15:00 – meeting. How the food fashion is changing, and how those changes are reflected in cook-books? tells Eliza MÓRAWSKA, author of the White Plate blog


P.S. Guys are also welcome to join Long live the Girls! event :)



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