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Say WOW!

Say WOW! is a Polish-American aesthetic medicine clinic, founded on the initiative of doctor Grzegorz Turowski – a recognized American plastic surgeon. We combine the experience of specialists from New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery from Chicago with the knowledge of Polish doctors of aesthetic medicine. A professional team of specialists in Say WOW! guarantees the highest quality and safety of treatments. We provide patients with individual beauty programs and a wide range of aesthetic facial and body shaping treatments. We use modern treatment methods, innovative medical devices and products recognized worldwide.

Programs to beautify, rejuvenate and shape the body

A new, absolutely unique place on the aesthetic map of Katowice. A zone of beauty, intimacy and relaxation. Experienced doctors, professional staff and a comprehensive range of treatments allow you to feel special. Away from the everyday hustle and bustle, commitments and complexes. Say WOW! This is a synergy of experience of doctors specializing in body aesthetics, cosmetic and innovative technological innovations.

Say WOW! Aesthetic Medicine specializes in the following treatments:

  • CARE: Geneo, MiraDry, Laser hair removal, DR CYJ peptide therapy
  • MOISTURIZERS: Hyaluronic acid, Mesolifting
  • FIRMING: Collagen, Fractional laser
  • REGENERATING: Platelet rich plasma, Medical peels
  • ANTY-AGING: Clear Lift, Dermapen 4.0 Mesotherapy, Endermolift
  • REJUVENATING: Lifting threads, Botox
  • SLIMMING AND MODELING: Laser liposuction, CoolSculpting, EMSCULPT, Endermology, Shockwave therapy

At level +2 of Libero Katowice, we have created a space that defines a sense of aesthetics and beauty. Here, experienced aesthetic medicine doctors and cosmetologists care not only for the radiant appearance of the skin but also for the great well-being of patients. Individual beauty programs based on a wide range of care, moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging treatments mean that each of our patients will find something for themselves at SAY WOW Clinic.

Treatments for women 20+

We recommend young patients for laser treatments to unify the skin texture, color, reduce pores and reduce the first wrinkles. Needle mesotherapy is an ideal treatment, especially after a hot summer, to restore proper hydration to the skin. For people from the group: “I want to be the best version of myself” – we recommend lip modeling, which performed by SAY WOW Clinic doctors does not mean creating enlarged cartoony “duck’s bills”.

Treatments for women 30+

Having reached the age of 30, the skin ceases to cope with regeneration as well as before. Its antioxidant abilities weaken, it may look gray and tired in the morning. Mimic wrinkles, for which we work since childhood, are becoming more and more visible. It is worth reaching for regenerative and repair procedures then, such as platelet rich plasma, laser therapy or my favourite botulinum toxin.

Treatments for women 40+

After the age of 40, there is a decrease in volume – so-called valley of tears, puppet lines appear, nasolabial furrows are becoming clearer. The oval loses the V-shape. At this age, it is worth reaching for procedures that restore the correct volume of tissues, such as hyaluronic acid or lifting threads.

Treatments for women 50+

After the age of 50, as a result of menopause, the skin is thinning and drying. The amount of collagen fibers decreases significantly, which causes tissue to fall, the formation of so-called “hamsters”. At this age, it is especially recommended to lift tissues using volumetric procedures or lifting threads.

Indications for aesthetic medicine treatments

At SAY WOW Clinic, we believe that aesthetic medicine treatments are the best form of skin aging prevention in all of its aspects. There are 4 physiological mechanisms of skin aging. We have a dedicated solution for each of these problems at SAY WOW Clinic.

  • mimic wrinkles – botox
  • volume defects – hyaluronic acid
  • qualitative changes (density, flaccidity) – laser treatments, mesotherapy
  • gravitational sagging of tissues – lifting threads, hyaluronic acid

Regardless of age, from the dermatology point of view, the most important is the quality of the skin. The sooner we take care of it, the longer we will enjoy a fresh and young look. At the same time, we will postpone the need to reach for more invasive methods of fight with passing time.

Consultation at SAY WOW Clinic

Usually, the patient comes to us with an idea, draws attention to what disturbs her appearance, something she would particularly like to work on. Very often it coincides with the vision of a doctor whose role is to present all the possibilities that will give a spectacular effect. At SAY WOW Clinic, we always look at the face in batches: upper part of the face, middle, lower. We will notice which part of the face is the strongest side, and which part deviates and is the weakest point. On this basis, a decision is made – with each patient individually – what treatment is a priority for her and a treatment plan is developed. It assumes maintaining the skin in good condition in the long term and is implemented gradually over months and sometimes years. It all depends on the needs of the skin and the patient’s expectations.

Admire yourself thank to SAY WOW Clinic. Welcome!

Opening hours


  • MON – SAT:09:00 – 21:00
  • SUN:10:00 – 20:00

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Trading Sundays

  • 30th of January
  • 10th of April
  • 24th of April
  • 26th of June
  • 28th of August
  • 11th of December
  • 18th of December
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