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Aktualności w galerii Libero Katowice - lista nadchodzących wydarzeń i premiery nowych kolekcji marek modowych

Weekend with the Stars! Check out the schedule!

Weekend with the Stars! Check out the schedule!

Libero has the power to attract stars. See what they have in-store for you!

Daria Ładocha, the master of healthy cooking will divulge her secrets for a delicious diet, while Julia Cymbaluk, winner of Master Chef Junior, will share some special recipes, and Katarzyna Bosacka will be talking and advising on her tips on how best to select food and ingredients.

Should you need some encouragement to start working-out, then Qczaj will be on-hand to tell you his methods. Tomasz Zimoch and Krzysztof Ignaczak will be adding to the sportive emotions and Maja Sablewska will conduct a metamorphosis on selected visitors – all of this being hosted by Patricia Kazadi and Jankes.

In addition, there will countless attractions for absolutely everyone. From the gaming zone, body massages, print workshops and clothes alterations to amazing activities for children. Among them: building cardboard toys and constructing machines, car racing, dream toys, drones, robots and RC cars.

Schedule of our Events!

12.15 Workshop Kids Kitchen: Julia Cymbaluk, Zuzia Bula, Mateusz Guncel
13.45 Small talk about healhty eating with Katarzyna Bosacka
14.40 Instagram Kitchen, photo-workshop with Iwona Kowalska (iDream)
15.00 Workshop Kids Kitchen: Julia Cymbaluk, Zuzia Bula, Mateusz Guncel
16.30 Kitchen workshop with Darią Ładocha
18.00 Small Talk about healthy eating with Katarzyna Bosacka
19.05 Kitchen workshops with Daria Ładocha


12.15 Meeting with Qczaj
12.35 Meeting with Tomasz Zimoch, Krzysztof Ignaczak and GKS female soccers
14.15 Meeting with Qczaj
15.00 Meeting with Tomasz Zimoch
16.15 Meeting with Qczaj
17.15 Grand soccer match Patricia Kazadi vs Krzysztof “Igła” Ignaczak with guests
Rest of events:
13.00 i 18.00 Excercise with Qczaj in Fabryka Formy
14.35 Start competiton: “Piłkarzyki” in gaming zone


12.15 Start of makeovers with Maja Sablewska
12.40 Meeting with Maciej Maniewski
13.40 Meeting with Maja Sablewska
14.45 Meeting with Maciej Maniewski
16.00 Meeting with barber from Butter Cut
17.30 Great final of makeovers with Maja Sablewska
18.00 Great Lottery Final
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