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Aktualności w galerii Libero Katowice - lista nadchodzących wydarzeń i premiery nowych kolekcji marek modowych

Thursdays Worth a Laugh! Stand-up vol.1

Thursdays Worth a Laugh! Stand-up vol.1

On Thursday, March 7th at 7 pm, the premiere of the series ” Śmiech na sali” i.e. meetings with the stand-up comedy. Jacek Stramik and Juliusz Sipika will be the first with comedic monologues in front of the microphone. The first appears in various TV stations and on stages in Poland and abroad, together with Abelard Giza he has published a book “Łapy precz od żartów ” and at Libero he will perform with his latest performance entitled ” Nie ma Ukraińców i nie ma rusztowań”. The second one, Juliusz Sipika, is a disabled comedian from Łódź, who combines absurd thoughts about the world with the prose of everyday life in his programs. He emphasises that he has appeared several times in different places and there are supposedly people who liked it.
Next week, on March 14th, we will guest Wojtek Pietà and Piotr Popek in our pop-up zone, while Michał Kutek and Maciej Brudzewski will rule on our stand-up stage on March 28th.
Stand-up tickets will be available from Monday to Wednesday (March 4th-6th). Every day, the first 30 people who will report their receipts for at least PLN 50 to the information desk will receive double invitations to ” Śmiech na sali vol.1 “. Below you can find the regulations for this campaign.


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